Headless Content Management

Manage dynamic content to be displayed within apps and desktop applications.

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XML Interface

Using Microsoft .NET, you can read and write content via this CMS using the below SOAP webservice

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Json Interface

A simple REST interface that allows you to create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) content

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Getting started

Download some sample client code, to get a head-start with C#, Java or NodeJS based application

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Headless Content Management is a service that decouples the work typically done by content writers and developers. It is designed for use in situations where the content is not going to be viewed on a web-page, but instead is going to be displayed within a mobile app or desktop application.

There are many CMS systems out there, and most of them have APIs. Your content team are probably familiar with the likes of Wordpress, Joomla and Dotnetnuke - but most operate on the premise that the content is going to be viewed on a web page via a web browser. Headless Content Management makes no such assumption, and won't help you display your content online - it just exposes the content via a set of APIs, XML and JSON based.

Headless CMS can also be used in situations where you have an existing website that isn't based on a CMS platform like Wordpress / Joomla etc. So if you have a in-house developed bespoke website, and need to make it easy for content writers to add and edit content on your website. You can use Headless Content Management to manage your content, then have your existing website call our APIs, in order to retrieve the content to be displayed.